2016. július 1., péntek

Starcraft 3 release date

Starcraft 3 release date

The one of the most famous Blizzard game, the Starcraft 2's new episode will come be announced soon as the rumor says. We try to collect all information about Starcraft 3 release date in below.

Probably the new Starcraft's name will be Starcraft 3 Immersion of the Universe. The announcing according to online mediums will be at Blizzcon in 2017. There will be a brand new story line, and many new charachters. As everybody know Starcraft well known for the multiplayer, as rumors says there will be brand new updates in the Starcraft 3.

The graphics motor will same as the Starcraft 2's, but there will be major changes in graphics, better resolution, and quality.

Starcraft 3

We hope Starcraft 3 release date will be favourable for us, probably the first playable edition of the game release will be at 2019-2020. There could be a lot of DLC for Starcraft 3. I hated so much the fact, that I have to pay for Starcraft 2's DLC, as result of fans pressure, hopefully there won't be any expensive DLC for Starcraft 3.

There are some "blizzard" hacked demo versions of the games, probably try it, hopefully it will start. 

There are some trailers of the new Starcraft.